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Renault 5

Gordini Turbo
Price: £22,994

Vehicle Description


SMC Heritage are proud to present this incredibly special fully restored Renault 5 Gordini Turbo that has covered an average of just 2270 miles per annum from new!

About the Renault 5 / Gordini Turbo:

The Renault 5 was styled by Michel Boué, who designed the car in his spare time, outside of his normal duties. When Renault executives learned of Boué's work, they were so impressed by his concept they immediately authorized a formal development programme. Images and details of the Renault 5 were first published on 10 December 1971, the car's formal launch following on 28 January 1972. It was launched onto the right-hand drive UK market in the autumn of 1972
The Renault 5 Gordini was known as the Alpine in Europe, but due to Chrysler owning the UK rights to that name, the historic tuning firm's name was applied. It worked well for us Brits, as Gordini had far more resonance anyway. The 5 Alpine went into production in 1976, but the Gordini didn't actually go on sale until 1979, by which time the Volkswagen Golf GTI was also on sale in right-hand drive form, offering some stern competition. Despite this the Renault sold well, establishing a successful line that would underpin the company's hot hatch efforts throughout the '80s.

The 5 Gordini's 1397cc engine produced 93bhp, more than double the power of the standard 5. However, this was a time of rapidly expanding power figures, and the Gordini quickly found itself outgunned by its new-found rivals. Renault’s solution to this problem, as with its RS10 F1 car, was forced induction. Bolting a single Garrett T3 turbocharger onto the Gordini in 1982 instantly gave the car a handy increase in power to 110bhp at 6000 rpm and torque to 109lb ft.
The Gordini represented the cheapest turbocharged car on the market at the start of the eighties, when forced induction was rare and exotic. It cost £5,750, or just over £22k in today's money, that is not to say it was a cheap car it was slightly more expensive than the much larger contemporary Ford Escort XR3


Supplied new on Sept 8th 1983 this exotic retro turbo hatch has still only covered 84,000 Miles.

Having undergone a labour of love painstaking restoration it has remained stored within a private collection ever since. It has had a glass out, nut and bolt restoration completed by a full respray in factory finish white including colour coded bumpers for that period 80’s look. The underside of this car is as clean as the top, it’s a credit to the former keeper. We even have a period first aid kit, autodata manual and Haynes manual still in it’s wrapping. As such this really is as good as it gets for collector, investor and show potential.


Post restoration the vehicle has remained garaged and covered and is consequently in stunning condition with deep glossy paint and taught factory spec shut lines.
The bumpers, lights and those oh so important turbo badges are all correct and free from any damage or discolouration. The rear window wears a period TURBO graphic that suits it perfectly. The polished slot mag wheels are in perfect order and highlight its sporting nature. You could confidently set about eating your dinner from the underside it is that clean


The interior is a fabulous place to reside with a real period feel. When you sit in this car you are transported back to the 1980’s. Early French interiors are rather delicate and not renowned for their longevity but this has stood the test of time incredibly. The interior is clean, damage free and taught with no sagging of the roof lining. The switch gear is correct, undamaged and fully functional. The carpets are also unworn and in perfect order.


This car is quite simply “superb”.

On the road this 5 drives fantastically with a pureness and simplicity that simply can’t be matched by modern hot hatches, 110BHP has never been so much fun! It’s not hard to see why contemporary road tests raved about this turbo’d French pocket rocket. With the best Mk 1 Golf and 205 GTI’s now nudging north of £40k and the 40 year anniversary of Renault RS10s first turbo charged F1 win this is surely a shrewd investment.

If you are looking for the best, most attractive and original example of one the hot hatch revolution founders you need to see this car.

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