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SMC Heritage
Automotive House, Kings Court, Prince William Avenue, Sandycroft, Chester, Cheshire,
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About us

The SMC Heritage Collection was born out of a passion for great driving machines, modern classics and sports cars. We specialise in carsproduced from the 1960s to the early 00s that first and foremost really excite us; cars from a time when accountants didn’t run the show. Cars that predate the “nanny” state with its restrictive emission controls and endless electronics, cars that were built for pure pleasure as well as built to last. Beautiful, lithe, lightweight and agile machines that not only display great character but create real feedback and emotion for the driver. Not everything in the collection is a stripped back retro racer of course, many are period grand cruisers that absorb the miles with effortless grace and style. The important thing is that they are the very best of their breed.

Each vehicle in the SMC Heritage collection has been handpicked by Andy and Oli. We take meticulous care when choosing the cars that will make it to our collection. Whether it’s a resto-mod café racer, a nut and bolt concourse restoration or a young-timer survivor every single vehicle has to pass our strict criteria for provenance, condition and perhaps most importantly cool. Only then will we set about getting it fully functioning and as close to new or where possible, even better. The car is then scrupulously inspected, and road tested. Professional detailing to the exterior and interior follows, leaving the car in truly exceptional order. Only once its back to its former glory will we release it into our collection and onto the market